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Animals can get it right!


 Recently, my dog Gracie, found a new friend, the neighbor’s cat named Patches.  Gracie didn’t ask for Patches to love her.  Patches just walked up, laid down in a submissive pose, and continued to wiggle her way between Gracie’s paws.  Two animals usually so opposed to one another would call for a bark and a Halloween stance.  Neither happened.  Gracie quietly laid  there sniffing the fur different from her own.  Amazed, I have watched this friendship grow.  Having a long, fluffy tail that may have looked somewhat like a pillow to Patches, she gently pawed through it as if to make a little pillow for herself.  Even the Vet could never do this, as the tail is definitely off limits!   How is it that animals can find a way….and humans cannot?   Different does not always mean that there cannot be peace.

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