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Boyer Writes shares Architecture Photography Notebook

Did all the architects of the world understand what their creations would mean to the world? Probably not, but my fascination with the pyramids, the Great Wall of China, the great cathedrals of Europe has led me to wonder about those who made them.

If they were hired by the Pope, or slaves to the Egyptians, or poorest of the poor to the Chinese, as they lifted the straw and laid the stones, what were they like as people? We walk on those stones, as I did when I visited Beijing, not thinking how much effort only one of these great bolders took to put in place to a 3,000 mile structure.

At the Vatican, I walked around towering carvings of marble. Who were their families? How long did it take to make these beautiful objects in marble? Perhaps a life time! Patience, practice, persistence….these are the three P’s of dedicated artists and architects of the wonders of the world. How many P’s are we teaching our children today? What is the future of what will be left for others to be amazed in years to come? Perhaps they are the missing part of our educational programs.

Fascination…..about how long it took us to rebuild what others destroyed. We are the architects of the future, not just in career, but in life.

BOYER WRITES by Nancy Boyer (Enjoy some of the beautiful architectural works on the slide show below. Use the full page option, turn on your sound, and click pages back and forth as you desire.)

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