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Halloween Night

Some people love it….and just can’t wait until the end of October. I speak of Halloween.

For me, I’ve always hated Halloween! What deep psychological feeling would make me think this way? Was it the night I rode the Grayhound Bus from North Carolina to Alabama after my Grandfather died? Peering out the window into the dark of the night, the little “goblins” walked with their flashlights and bags to search for the house with the most candy. Candy that will be eaten under the covers that night and the effects felt in the stomach far into the next days. As an educator, I remember the kids who had plenty of candy under the desk…hiding it from the teacher and skipping lunch if possible.

No, these were probably not the reasons. It just seems that the fun is gone. Too much worry about who has tainted the little goodies. Who might try to “ask inside the house” these little ones. Thankfully, the parents are wiser these days and make the rounds; watching from a distance.

Why do we want to be frightened out of our pants? What ghoulish thing hides there in the dark where we can’t see? Such a short life. Do we dread the thoughts that it may end soon; especially thinking of this fact on Halloween?

As my husband and I visited the Tower of London, my imagination ran wild knowing that many people were brought there to be tortured and to die. The many wives of Henry VIII were beheaded in that courtyard and of course properly buried in the floor of the church. We got to walk around the church and over these bodies…or bones.

What is it about graveyards that make us afraid. The bodies are not going to rise up…at least not now. Yet, we are afraid to walk through a cemetery at night. Listen to the foot steps coming up behind you? Are they friendly or will I be slaughtered and left next to one of the “Rest in Peace” tombs?

Anyway, enough of my speculations. The chills that run up and down the spine feel wierd, but give a good since of relief after they are gone. Down deep, we don’t expect to die this moment just because our hearts pound a little harder.
Nothing makes me feel better about this season or makes me wait for its arrival.
If you love it, then ENJOY. Soon it will be Thanksgiving!
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