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Visiting a museum is an experience that says much about a person. Does he truly want to see the creativity that would be different from his own taste, or is he willing to risk something totally different?

Given the size of most museums, it might be only natural to skip the Modern Art or Antiquities if that is not one’s taste. When I visited the Louvre in Paris some years ago, I knew that I had to pick and choose or come back several days in order to see most of it.

So what is my taste in art or music? It wasn’t until I started being a serious photographer and found that there was software that would let me manipulate my photographs to make them a little …or a lot different from the original that I had taken. “Gee! How much fun is this?” I would find myself saying. The surprise of it all!  Maybe this is how the artist whose works ended up in the museum felt when he let loose the worms on the canvas. No one knew how it all would end up. What would it look like? What does it remind me of…or not. Anyway, it became a delightful treat. Making abstracts was a blast!

I could see all kinds of changes and potential in that beautiful rose that I had just clicked with my camera. So this is how it all began and who knows how it will end up for me. Hopefully you will enjoy the slides of my abstracts. Keep an open mind. You may just have to visit that other wing of the museum that you skipped last time!
BOYER WRITES by Nancy Boyer
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