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Our dog, Gracie, loved to lay on the ground when it snowed. One would think that her soft, white belly would freeze, but she didn’t seem to mind. Gracie couldn’t wait to take long walks into the woods so she could see if the deer had been there that night. Once she caught a little fawn in her soft mouth; holding it until we arrived to command her to let go. She obediently did so without any harm to it at all.
The arrival of the Canadian geese on our pond was an exciting time for Gracie. She would run down to the side of the lake to watch them as they honked their arrival. The freedom to roam our 23 acres was a dog’s paradise, except the time she poisoned herself with a dinner of mushrooms. None the less, when the snow began to fall quietly on the deck and in the trees, Gracie was ready to taste it all for herself. “Isn’t it time to cut some wood? What do you mean clean my feet? Snow is just water!” she seemed to say with her eyes.
The quiet of a winter snow is a wonder for all of us. Gracie just shared it with us as we curled  up next to the fire. What’s a dog to do, but  listen to embers pop and crackle.  

Just settled in, late at night, and that look is on her face.  “Take me outside now or you will not be happy!”   Gracie did not care that it took getting the clothes on; putting on the boots  and heavy coats, as well as the hat and hood.   Once outside,  the below O degrees, factoring in the wind chill, just didn’t hurry her any.  After all she was outside and could stare at the dark woods, listening or looking at the bright stars in the winter night.    Ah!  Winter!   It is a dog’s life.       BOYERWRITES   by N. W. Boyer               (Turn on sound and click “play” on first page of slide show.)

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