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Ready to Leap?!

Ready to Leap?!

We do so many things by faith. Simply breathing takes a certain amount of faith. One does not worry that the next breath will come or the next heart beat. Sometimes when I fly, my heart seems to skip a beat, but when I stepped on the plane, I was literally saying, ” I believe that you know how to fly this plane and I have faith in your abilities!”

What about spiritual faith?  I can remember when I first talked to God. I was in a boarding school, far from home. Sometimes I would walk around the playground fence and talk to Him, whoever He was. Perhaps that is the childlike faith we hear about, for I simply believed He was there and He knew I was also.

Later, when I was a young adult, I think my first real faith experience happened. I was asked a very serious question: “If you were to die tonight, do you know that you will be with God?” Well, the answer was definitely a  maybe….if I had been good enough…but this was not faith. I think I really did not know what faith was all about. I certainly did not know what Jesus Christ had done for me. He had taken my punishment for sin; making me free of guilt and a new life was waiting for me. When this was made clear, I found a faith that I did not know I had. The God I had talked to as a child had brought me a message of redemption. I wondered why it took Him so long? Maybe I was not ready for faith in my life until this time. I am glad He found me because I really was not seeking  Him.

As life had its trials, I found that my faith was what gave me hope. It was also what kept me going when I had to care for several small children by myself.      Faith is quiet thing. It seems to just be there; going nowhere, but always there. It’s a comforting thing. Maybe that is what Christ meant when he said he would send a Comforter. Not  only is it the Holy Spirit, but Faith.
I often tell people that  my best place to talk to God is in the shower. It is a place to get out the tears and only He knows. More recently, in my travels, I have also found that Faith is everywhere. When I was in Mongolia, faith was there. In the jungles of Guatemala, faith was down under the volcano and in the corn fields. I also saw in the great cathedrals of Europe the faith that made people build great structures to the glory of God. (I am sharing some of this with you in my slide show to follow.)
My challenge to you is to draw upon the faith that you have, whether great or small. Enter your shower with all that you carry in life and find that God will meet you there. Jesus said to only seek…and you will find. It will be a LEAP OF FAITH that you will not regret.
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