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lakeHarrisSmRecently I wrote  about the Blue Ridge in Virginia.        However, since moving back to Florida, I have asked myself what I really like about living in the South…especailly Florida?      I think I have found several reasons  to share with you:     First, the skies are magnificent!    Because we are “flat- landers”, as the Virginians call us, the skies have space to stretch higher and higher. The clouds rise up to look like huge mountains  trimmed with gold,  as the sun rises or sets. I had forgotten how truly beautiful the Florida skies are until I returned.     The second thing I enjoy about Florida is the mild winter when the flowers continue to  bloom.  The birds sing and fly around the lakes….a migration from the cold, north land. Perhaps the third thing I enjoy about Florida is that everyone seems to be from somewhere other than Florida…originially speaking.     There is a diversity that brings people into a friendly acceptance. Yes, there are a few “Crackers” who were born here, but no one asks that question. A person is not judged by his family tree or considered to be an outsider. The last thing that I enjoy is the water….whether it is one of the many lakes…or the ocean…or the Gulf. Water is everywhere. For the boater, it is a heaven. For those of us who walk our dogs down by the lake, it is a changing view. The ripples lap against the shore and the cypress trees stand in the water. Occasionally an alligator’s head pops up to look around. Then there is always the SKY…..always those big, beautiful skies.   Florida….a wonderful place to visit or live.

BOYER WRITES  by N.W. Boyer       (Enjoy the slide show on Florida)

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