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The Japanese called it the “Sugi Tree” that whispers in the wind and the birds carry its message. They were speaking of the Cypress tree that is known as the Bald Cypress in Florida and other coastal places of the South. Louisiana adopted it as a state tree. It probably originated in Asia Minor around the Island of Cyprus because of the name. It is beneficial and flood tolerant. The great Cypress Swamps are a special part of the Florida eco system. In ancient times, the Cypress was a memorial plant for famous people. Its great main trunk is usually surrounded by cypress knees. These make a place for the birds to sit and dry their feathers. It is also decay resistant and boats are built of this sturdy wood. Perhaps the Japanese were right. If one listens, these old cypress trees may be whispering. We may find it hard to actually hear over the noise of the motor boats or the frogs, but it is worth a try. Those birds may have a message.
BOYER WRITES by N.W. BOYER (Enjoy a slide presentation of Cypress Trees on Little Lake Harris, Howey in the Hills, FL )

Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees

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