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Kyoto Shopping Mall

MODERN JAPAN  is the topic of this writing.  Having just returned from a trip to Japan, I found that the country is one of the most  interesting, extremely clean, and happiest of cultures.  Perhaps it is their specific ways of doing things.  Everything is in order and the pride of their possessions is evident everywhere. The tiny house and front is scrubbed clean.  The streets are immaculate .  No where could I find a cigarette butt.  The toilets are high-tech with everything anyone could want from the “water shower”, as they called it, or better known as the bidet.  The accessibility of the hand washer attached to and  just behind the toilet was another innovation.  One would think that we Americans may be in the dark ages when it comes to this technology.

 Politeness is a must in this culture. There is the friendly greeting or a bow to both friend, stranger, or customer.  My husband and I found that students would stop us on the street to ask if they could practice their English; flash the peace sign and give a big smile. Education is all important, as I found out in a previous visit to Japanese schools through a Fulbright Scholarship. Often students attend school, field trips, and then have a tutor until late into the evening. 

 One interesting picture that I will share with you is a sliding board coming out of a second floor school building.  It was obvious that the students slide  down the slide to their waiting school bus, probably into the waiting arms of a teacher.   Innovation….innovation…everywhere!   No wonder it was a great surprise when we entered the Kyoto Mall of about 13 floors and heard a full symphony which turned out to be a small child at the keyboard with electronic switches to give the effects of one hundred  plus orchestra. 

Japan is the very new with the very old.  BOYER WRITES will begin a series on Japan.  The first is on Modern Japan (See slide show below) and to follow will be the Historic Japan, Japanese Maples and Mt. FujiKyoto and the Gion District, and the People of Japan.   Hopefully you will find this interesting and will log on often.      N. Boyer of Boyer Writes   

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