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ARCHITECTURE and THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN is  BOYER WRITES’   last in a series.  It has been a pleasure to share my writings and photography with you.   How excellent is the history of this great nation.   I am particularly glad that during the war with Japan that someone had the wisdom not to bomb the wonderful castles and palaces that are standing today.  Even with all that war brings in suffering, it is a world heritage that should not have been lost.    Our congratulations to the people of Japan who take great pride in their country and have moved forward to be a great world leader.


Many people were interesting in Japan, but one person in particular stands out.  She was caring for the moss at the Castle in Kyoto. She combed carefully all the leaves and other small objects or seeds  away from the soft, green moss under the pine trees.  I wondered if she thought about what she was seeing in this practically microscopic world. Her attention to detail is what makes so much of Japan special.  I could tell she was not eager to have her picture taken, so I clicked one quick shot (shown here) and left her to continue her work of making that spot under the tree  as perfect as it could be.   Perhaps a lesson is learned here about our specific place in life. 

 If you have not seen the other parts of our series on Japan, you will be able to find them on the pull down table under history.  You are invited to share these with friends who may not know about BOYER WRITES at our web address.    www.boyerwrites.wordpress.com    

As you will notice, there will be many areas and subjects on which we will write.  On the right side panel, notices will be placed for your convenience as you check the site.   This will not only include slide presentations after most writings, but also selected videos that are entertaining or thought-provoking.   Check for these as well.  

Enjoy the following slide presentation on Architecture and the People of Japan   Turn on your sound.

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