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There’s no doubt that the world is made up of really different living things. People are different from animals. Land animals are different from sea animals. We could go on and on from the very large to the microscopic. Somehow, there is a connection.  God must have made it that way.


I have noticed that even with all the differences,  some ….and I repeat “some” tend to overlook those differences and go on with living and forming the most remarkable relationships . We hear that “opposites attract” in courtship.     An extremely outgoing couple  may  find it hard to get a word in edge-wise.    Somehow there has to be a compliment to make things work.

Our dog, Gracie, is featured on one of my writings with her friend, the cat from down the street. I have never understood if the cat thinks Gracie is her mother…or Gracie thinks the cat is her child, or perhaps they are  just  friends.   It does not seem to matter that Gracie is a large, Golden Retriever and the cat is extremely small.  One or the other gets licked or rubbed up against. They lay down together…or sometimes just ignore  each other.

 Regardless, it all led me to think how we often recoil from someone who is so different from ourselves. It may be the culture, personality, or even skin color that keeps us miles apart. Little is said that would open the door to understanding or to closeness.    Do we not see that we were all brought into this world the same way….and we will go out of this  life just the same…when we take our last breath.     Will there be surprises in heaven…or hell, if there are such places…as we believe?     I wonder if all the differences will remain and God will just say’, “Get over it!”.
I know you will not leave this writing until you have gone to my video  link relating to these thoughts. You simply cannot miss it….and you may wonder if it is real.       However, your eyes will see it and know that our differences do not matter….and we actually  have no excuses.
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