N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ


Many events happened in 2009.  Our soldiers continued the  fight of terrorism in distant places; we elected a new President; our property, jobs and dollar took a hit financially….and we ask ourselves where is our world headed?   Being an optomist and a realist at the same time, I know our world is looking for something to bring them peace. Down deep  in our hearts is the yearning to be accepted as  good people and special to  God.  

I’m only picking one event that certainly was not the most important event in the year 2009, but it says something about our being  human.  No matter who we are or what special talents  God has given us, we are important to Him.   It doesn’t matter what we look like, or where we live, or any of the things that the world expects of us.  I believe that this one event proves this.  

Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest wrote this concerning this event that was an internet sensation:

“The way we see Susan Boyle is very nearly the way God sees us: worthwhile, special, talented, unique, beautiful. The world generally looks askance at people like Susan Boyle, if it sees them at all. Without classic good looks, without work, without a spouse, living in a small town, people like Susan Boyle may not seem particularly ‘important.’ But God sees the real person, and understands the value of each individual’s gifts: rich or poor, young or old, single or married, matron or movie star, lucky or unlucky in life. God knows us. And loves us. ‘Everybody is somebody’ said Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan at his installation Mass in New York City yesterday. That’s another reason why the judges smile and the audience explodes in applause. Because they recognized a basic truth planted deep within them by God: Susan Boyle is somebody. Everybody is somebody.”

Susan began singing in her Catholic church in a village in Scotland when she was 12 years old. Children in school teased her about her curly hair and she gradually turned into a frumpy, adult woman.  She cared for a sick mother and never married.   Susan had a dream…to use her talent. 

For you who missed this video clip or would like to see it again, Click here.

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