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Baby…It’s Cold Outside!


Animals Talk

Around 6:30 this morning, I took our dog, Gracie, outside…and there was a little cat named Patches shivering at the door. We have asked to take Patches, but the neighbors would rather keep her. Regardless, she is at our door late night and early morning.

The weather channel paints a very cold night around the country and perhaps even freezing here in Florida, which led me to thinking about cold and our resistance to it.     “Just let me be warm” we lament.     When living in Virginia, I remember the wind chill factor being below zero. It took me forever to get all the layers of clothing on just to take Gracie outside. She then proceeded to take her time, staring into the woods as if one of the deer  would surely be out to have her for breakfast!     Pulling  my parka over my head and turning my back to the wind, I waited and waited…until finally she did her thing and we could rush back inside. It is not much better in Florida when it rains and rains with lightning flashing….but “go” she must!

Most people are very protective of their pets. The wild animals use their senses to find a place to crawl into out of the weather. We are  lucky that most of the time our homes are warm and we sleep under cozy blankets. The homeless must really have it rough…and so do many pets when  neglect is the usual.

So…tonight…take in the plants, make a little box for an animal who may not have a place to keep warm and enjoy your heated house.  Slide down under the covers. Think to yourself  how really delicious it is to close your eyes in a world of warmth when “Baby, it is really cold outside!”.  . Many around the world are not so fortunate. 

Below is a slide show entitled “Baby…It’s Cold Outside”. Turn on your sound and enjoy.

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