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Susan Boyle after Harper's Bazaar Make Over

At the beginning of every New Year there is such an emphasis on fresh beginnings.   Ads come from everywhere on how to lose  weight that one has accumulated over the years or just during the holidays.  The joggers are out with a renewed determination.   The “make over” has begun…at least for now.  

  I recently ran across a video that showed Susan Boyle, the wonderfully talented singer from Scotland who was featured here on Boyer Writes,  being digitized into a different person.   This dramatized make over,using  the software Photoshop, showed what a  touch up artist can do to  turn back the years of time.   I suppose we were to be impressed and think that this is what Susan should look like after years of  quietly being at home, taking care of her mother.  It was astonishing, however,  to see her hips get smaller and her skin smoother with no age spots. Miracles of miracles, her  double chin just faded away. 

 Somehow, I did not want to see this  new Susan for she looked more like a store  mannequin than the  real person that she is.   Harper’s Bazaar did a make- over  with tips on dressing, hair style and make up that was quite effective.  No one is implying that she should not try to be her best.  Let’s just not expect too much of her or anyone  the world would drastically change overnight.   The talent she possesses certainly outshines anything else.  

 What about those of us who would  love to look a little slimmer or smooth out a few wrinkles?   Yes, it would be nice. Perhaps our health would be improved, but let us not forget the real person on the inside.  The person with a heart and a soul.  The person with feelings.  
 Speaking of feelings, not much is said about Susan’s hospitalization for extreme exhaustion and  a mental state in need of complete rest after the contest.  She was not ready for the fame and aggravation  coming her way.  

Keep smiling, Susan!

  It is my only hope that with the success of her music she will realize that she must be true to herself.  She, like the rest of us, must look to God for our comfort and know that the  real importance is what is inside.   Only God can transform the soul.  Maybe that is what we should  seek  in 2010.  

For those who are intrigued by the power of electronics,  here is a video clip to watch and quickly forget.  I like the frumpy woman who said she had never been kissed and was not ashamed to do a little “hip wiggle”             

Now,  I think I will go and have a brownie!

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