N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ


The theme song of our favorite western is playing!   Grab something to eat and  a sofa . Settle down to an adventure that takes us to another time and another place. When women, known as “Mail Order Brides“, traveled the long route in  wagon trains to meet  the husband they had never seen. The story might tell of relations between the white man and the American Indian;  the man who had to pack his guns to defend his ranch or the wagon train bringing supplies.  These men and women gave birth to a new part of our nation.   Building the country store, the saloon, and the homes on the prairie, they endured great  hardships. They buried their babies and their husbands.  Sometime they remembered and yearned for the luxuries they left back east. 

 Many of these western places are now ghost towns, but their stories live on.    They are portrayed in the movies and tv serials. We re-live the western frontier  along with the Lone Ranger, Gun Smoke, Daniel Boone, The Rifleman,….and who can forget Bonanza?    All are reruns now, but the songs sung and the characters are etched in history as heroes of the wild west.   You may even  hear the retelling of these episodes  in French, Spanish, Japanese, or many other languages  as the world cannot get enough of our American west!

 Below are theme songs and a clip that may bring back a few memories.  

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