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Washington Making a Difference

News  about celebrities, which is often not news at all, rarely includes   the famous  that reach out and help those who serve.  Today I want to show you a picture of one of those reaching out to our military.

First you need to know about Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas (BAMC).   This facility is where the soldiers who have been  hospitalized  in Germany come to continue their treatment in the U.S.   Many of these are burn victims.   The buildings on the base, called Fisher Houses,  are hotels  where soldiers’ famiies can stay, at no charge, while their relative is in the hospital.


Brook Army Medical Center had a celebrity guest not too long ago…Denzel Washington. 


After a tour of the facility, Denzel asked how much it cost to build one of the Fisher Houses.   When told, he quickly wrote a check for the entire amount and gave it to the facility.   The men and women who serve at the base were so grateful;  wanting  everyone  to know about Denzel’s generosity and  those who care about the wounded soldiers, as well as those who serve them.    Yes, he had the money to do this, but instead of a new car or another fancy house, he chose to reach out and make a difference.   We salute those who are generous for “to whom much is given…much is required.”   Thanks, Denzel!

Dnzel Washington with Brooke Medical Staff

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