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UPDATE on Haitian Orphanage

Baby being adopted

UPDATE:   Tuesday, Jan.19th is a great day for many children of this orphanage.  The US Military loaded them into a giant transport plane. They flew into Orlando, FL and on to Pittsburg.  Word was sent  to the adoptive parents that they were on the way and should come to spend some time with them.  Of course, many flew to Pittsburg and are waiting for an emergency court session to give them full custody of the children.  Jamie and Allison mentioned in the report below, were with the children and were elated to be back in the US with the children. Click here to see video about this update          

Orphans arriving in Pittsburg


One special Christian  orphanage in Haiti has taken a real hit.  It is  Brebis de Saint-Michel de L’attalaye Bresma Orphanage (BRESMA)    in Port-au-Prince.    The orphanage and school has around 150 children from ages 1-13.   Two sisters, Jamie McMutrie Heckman and Alison McMutrie from Pittsburg, take care of 25-30 of the orphans.      The orphanage is damaged from the recent earthquake and is not safe. Therefore, the girls have moved the children outside and supplies are running low. 

  Many of the children were in the process of being adopted and the paperwork was in the government building, which was also completely demolished.   A call has gone out for all those families in the USA that were in the adoption  process to produce all the paperwork that they have in their possession to a law firm that will try to get the children to the families.  Adoptions in Haiti take a very long time.  Some families have waited up to three years.   

  CNN gave an update this evening that the girls have received clearance to bring the children to Pittsburg.   If this is true and there is not  bureaucratic paper delays, I am certain we will hear much more about this effort.      These two  young women are making  such a difference in the lives of these children who are so fragile .     Pray for  smooth transitions to the USA and  the new families  for these small children. 

Click here to see a video of a couple who are waiting for their adopted child 


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