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Part 1 Dying for the Christian Faith

Coptic Christian Cross

When one talks about  dying for the faith, it usually makes us think of the first Christians or the Inquisition.  How about Christmas Eve 2009?    Coptic Christians in Naga Hammadi, Egypt were murdered as they left the church after Christmas Eve services.  The target was Bishop Kirollos who is head of the church in this area.  President Mubarak of Egypt has been  asked for only  rights to have worship in safety.     

Coptic Christians

 So far, most police are turning their heads the other way.  Extreme measures are being taken by some Christians who are being denied identity cards simply because they are Christians.  They are tattooing “Christian” on their wrists.  Some are even doing this to their children.  Not having a national ID card causes extreme problems.   

  Probably you will not hear anything about a rally for human rights by the CAFA (Coptic American Fellowship Association) as they gather in front of the American White House gate on January 21.   Their plea is for Christians to be treated with respect, not only in Egypt but throughout the world.  Coptic Christian service   

Do you know what countries are the most oppressive to  Christians or Christian converts?   It is hard for Americans to believe it is truly happening in a modern world, but martyrs are not a thing of the past.     The top 10 countries are listed because of their strict laws on faith and because people are daily being persecuted or dying for their Christian faith. 

Click on this video  link to see the 10 countries listed. 


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