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2nd in series Dying for the Christian Faith

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13). 

In a previous post, we talked about the modern-day martyrs in Egypt. Today, we are sharing with you a little known Christian martyr named Haralambos.  

St. Haralambos

  St. Haralambos was a priest in the city of Magnesia, near Smyrna in Asia Minor. In the name of  Christ, he was able to perform miracles.  This was upsetting to the government of the time.  His converts  to Christianity including the daughter of Servius, the Emperor of the Roman Empire


Christians were persecuted during the reign of Septimius Severus.  When a person  was accused of being a Christian,  there were  only two choices:  deny Jesus or make an offering to the Roman gods.  Execution followed if the Christian  refused. It was that simple.

St. Haralambos’ reputation as a man of God had spread throughout the area and many people came to the faith  through his preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. During a period of extreme persecution,  Haralambos did not hide, but openly and boldly preached the Christian Orthodox Faith!   When Haralambos was finally arrested for having the courage to preach the Gospel, his persecutors devised a plan  for everyone to witness.   During one of these times of torture, Haralambos   was stripped of his clothing and his body was ripped with iron claws. He withstood the torture with courage.

One of the dukes became enraged. Taking the iron claw, he began to rip him repeatedly.   At this point the first miracle occurred. The duke’s hands became paralysed. Screaming, he asked Haralambos  to help him. Seeing the Duke’s plight, the governor spat in the Saint’s face. Immediately his head twisted in an awkward position, where it remained. The onlookers were terrified and begged the Saint to pray to Christ to save them. Haralambos beckoned them to pray and ask forgiveness for their sins. The duke pleaded with him to pray to Christ to recover the use of his hands. When the Saint finished praying, the duke’s hands were healed. He was then baptised and became a devout Christian.  There were other miracles that followed before  he finally died during one of his times of torture.   St. Haralambos was   113 years old when he was martyred for the Christian  Faith.

 He was known for  being a shepherd to  his flock. He is now considered to be the protector of shepherds and their flocks. His body is now in the Monastery of Saint Stephen in Meterora, Greece.  The Christian faithful who pray there tell of miracles that continue.  

   Jesus said if there is one lost sheep, He would  find it.  Do you feel like a lost sheep?   Pray and Jesus will find you also.  He knows your need and your pain….just as those who brought the good news of Christ…suffered pain and death to bring this message of God’s love  to many generations to follow. 

My Sheep Know My Voice

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