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A Tour with the Founder of the Doomsday Vault part 2

Are apples becoming extinct?

Thanks to an excellent story presented by 60 Minutes, . Gary Fowler of Tennessee is interviewed about  his dream to build  the  Svalbard Global Seed Vault, better known as  the “Doomsday Vault.     Mr. Fowler, head of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, gives a tour and explains the reason for building the vault.  The government of Norway built the facility; the UN guves some help, and  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pays for the transport of the seeds.

 An amazing part of his data research tells us that in the 1800’s in America there were 7,100 types of named apples.  Today 6,800 of those are extinct. The saving of various varieties of foods in a seed bank of this type may keep the world from starvation in the event of a crisis.

   Enjoy now an episode explaining the life work of the founder, Gary Fowler. Click here to view.

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