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Anti-Gravity Machines


Artist drawing

Have you always thought that what goes up must come down?  

  It seems that for decades scientists have worked on a machine that will defy gravity.   Hitler thought his scientists had found it when they worked on the Bell Project.   He was not beyond putting a  number of scientists to death who knew the secrets to anti-gravity and could give them  to the free world.

Do you wonder about the so-called flying saucers or UFO’s?

After World War II, were there secret experimentations with anti-gravity…and is it still being worked on today?

  Watch the videos and make your own conclusion about the possibility.

   Part of my Manuscript (The Seed, a historical fiction novel) deals with this phenomena. 

  • A video comparing The Bell with Avro Project Y2 giving some historical pictures
  • A diagram on how the anti-gravity machine  could be  built .  After viewing this, you may have science brain drain.  Nevertheless, have fun and explore the possibilities.    

 Click below and then click for full screen for best viewing.

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