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The Gift of Ourselves

Jelks Preserve on Myakka River

Today I am sharing with you something you may have missed because you do not live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, U.S.A.

 Narrator Jack Perkins will share with you  two people who have given a “gift of themselves”.  What can be more wonderful than this? 

  The first part is about Mary Jelks and her husband who are both retired physicians and wanted to save 600 acres of the Florida coast from development.   All they wanted was to preserve nature for future generations in its natural form as God had made it.  Spending over a million dollars to do so, one would not believe that this woman in her 80’s would actually go out and pick up bottles thrown carelessly into the river and the area around it. See for yourself the determination of this special person.  Never complain again about what you can or can not do if you are getting older.  She will put you to shame.  

The second part is about a young man whose life was spiraling out of control.  He decided things had to change.  Giving of himself to another was his road back from the brink. You will be inspired, I am certain. 

 Hold on to your hats, if you want a little wilder ride with the Roller Girls and a little melody from the smooth voices of retirement.  Life lived to the fullest.   How much more can we ask?      Click to   Watch .

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