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Standing Alone TiananmenvSquare June 5,1989

We are now in great debt to China.  This is no secret because we have placed ourselves as a nation in their care…financially and in the economic market place.   Because of this, we have turned a  blind eye on the suffering that goes on in this communist nation. We have refused to speak out when it comes to those imprisoned for attempting to use the human rights  that we in America enjoy.  These include freedom of speech and freedom to worship as one chooses.

 How soon we forget the  Tiananmen massacre.  How soon we forget those  who died for speaking up and those who are still imprisoned today.

Chinese tanks after massacre

   Financially we are also becoming this country’s slave.   This is not all.  We no longer speak up in horror when persecutions take place on their soil.  Who am I speaking of?  Why am I writing this?    Let me give you an example or two among the thousands: 

1st example 

Christian Pastor Wang Dao of Guangzhou       

  The following is a quote from a  China Aid press release: 

“GUANZHOU–At noon on September 3, 2009, the administrative reconsideration office in Zhuhai notified Pastor Wang Dao of Guangzhou Liangren Church that the Guanzhou court had ruled in favor of his application for reconsideration on behalf of the church, and requested he come to the office to pick up the award. At 5:00 PM, four public security officials came to his home in Donghai Garden Community, and requested that he join them for an investigation in Luoxi Police station. They claimed they were from Guangzhou Bureau of Public Security, but when Pastor Wang demanded they show him the warrant of investigation, they could not furnish one. Instead, they instructed him to “lighten up,” claiming they just “wanted to talk.” The security officials then took Pastor Wang to the residential police office and “conversed” with him for two hours.

According to Pastor Wang, the men were primarily interested in the details surrounding his signing the Chinese Christians Statement on 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre, released earlier in June. They further threatened him: as his “friends” they urged him to think about wife and children, “You will have to consider your future and security.” Pastor Wang refused to succumb to the intimidation; he thanked them for their concern, but asserted, “Since I follow Jesus and am determined to be a servant of God, I have prepared myself for those consequences.”  The officials did not release him until 8:00 PM that night.”    (Click to read more article details}   The update to this article is that Pastor Wang has now been kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed  location.   

China Aid explains that exposure and public opinion has had some good results.  The internet is also a means of exposure.   

“China Aid seeks to uncover and reveal the truth about religious persecution in China, focusing especially on the unofficial church. We do this through conducting investigations, press releases, annual persecution reports, the China Aid   News brief, media campaigns and advocacy. National and international media outlets including: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Voice of America and Radio Free Asia rely on ChinaAid’s timeliness and accuracy. 

As soon as China Aid verifies a persecution report from inside China through a network of investigators. A press release is sent to the international media, U.S. embassy staff and other NGOs. These, in turn, launch inquiries of the arresting agents or agencies, putting enormous pressure on the Chinese government that they not torture the victims.” 



Gao Zhisheng in Chinese Prison

2nd example 


“Gao Zhisheng is a 2008 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Chinese army veteran and prominent Christian attorney. He cares deeply for the nation of China, and is a loyal citizen. Since 2005, Gao has been repeatedly kidnapped, arrested, imprisoned and tortured by Chinese authorities for his work defending those persecuted for their faith. He, his wife and two children have been monitored and tormented by authorities for more than two years.   On January 21, 2010, the Chinese government publicly acknowledged Gao Zhisheng to be in their custody, for the first time since his abduction more than 365 days ago.

 In response to a reporter’s inquiry, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu said: “The relevant judicial authorities have decided this case, and we should say this person, according to Chinese law, is where he should be.” Mr. Ma then added, “As far as what exactly he’s doing, I don’t know. You can ask the relevant authorities.”  

Almost everything we purchase in America is made in China.     If we have a choice, determine to make the right one…. or will we turn a blind eye?    Backing ourselves into an economic corner does not mean we do not have a voice…or a pen.   Use it where we can….or while we can.  

A graphic account of this story and video of his testimony may be seen. ( Do not have children present when watching the video) 


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