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  March 8 was International Women’s Day.  This day sheds  light on women and their role in the world.  They are our mothers, grandmothers ,sisters, aunts, and cousins.   Today Boyer Writes  honors  all of them for what  they mean to us.     However, there is much to be said on their behalf:    

Abused Women     

Abuse usually may be physical abuse, but  mental abuse can be just as devastating.  Calls are made to the police around the world about domestic violence.  Restrictions are put into place, but nothing can protect them in a split second’s time.  Little girls are also abused.   Even in societies where girls are sold into prostitution,  the problem is not corrected.   Remove the influence of women  and the ability to give birth to life  from the world and the human race  would end.  Yet who cares for the women…to protect and love them?      Women  have often been  called  “the weaker sex”.   Are they really?   

   Women pick up themselves and their families  after years of beatings and make a new life.   They start a new home after floods, hurricanes, and tornados have left them with nothing.     Women I met in  Guatemala took over an entire farming area when their men were murdered.  These remarkable women taught the children to do embrodery, selling their goods in the market places to survive.   The midwives that I met there were on call  24-7 and often walked miles through the dense countryside to help a woman give birth.    The strength that is encapsulated in a tiny frame of a woman  is enormous.     

What do Women Want in Life?     

 Over the years, I have had opportunity to hear the thoughts of many women around the world on family and marriage.   The Mongolian women said they wanted  men in their lives that were not drunks and who were clean.  This included husbands, brothers and fathers.  I found this an interesting thought.  Modern American women, as do all women,  want to be appreciated…not necessarily by a gift or a dinner out…but to be told they are loved and appreciated.    A few words or a short note is worth more than diamonds to most women. (Of course, not all.)     Men forget that women want to communicate.  They want to have the warm feelings.  They do not judge a man by how macho he is, but how caring and tender  he is in their relationship.

World Conditions and alcoholism    Conditions around the world are  often primitive.  The floors are made of dirt.  A tent is the only housing.  Food is in short supply.  It is heart warming to see women care for the most basic needs when she could give up in such conditions.     Alcoholism in all countries places a great hardship on families. In Mongolia, there are families living under the streets, near dangerous steam heat pipes because one or more people in the family has no job because of alcoholism.    Some of the children there  are totally without parents.  If it is not alcohol, it may be drugs in other world areas.  Regardless, it is what many women face day in and day out.      

Human Rights
    In some cultures, women are thought of as second class citizen because they are kept from education and the civil rights that make life better.   This is often under the guise of protecting the woman from the outside world.   She is a smart woman whose intelligence could be greatly used in her culture; not  hidden away.  When these women dare to speak out about  conditions or to try to help improve conditions, they are often brutalized by the system or their families.      

Selected Women of the Past  

Sojourner Truth Woman for Human Rights

Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree)    

    Sold as a slave many times, this tall woman became a  giant for human rights during her life time.   Not afraid to speak up and let truth be known, she said the following about the differences in treatment of white and black women of her day:       

“That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud puddles, or gives me any best place, and ain’t I a woman? … I have plowed, and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me — and ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man (when I could get it), and bear the lash as well — and ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children and seen most all sold off to slavery and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me — and ain’t I woman”.    

Later in her life she had a great religious experience and carried her Christian faith with her to speak anywhere she could. Having spunk is probably not the correct word for her because she had a great deal of whatever it was!    She was accused one day of being a man, because she was tall. She  quickly opened her blouse to let all know that she truly was a woman.           

Susan B. Anthony :     

“In 1872, Anthony demanded that women be given the same civil and political rights that had been extended to black men under the 14th and 15th amendments. Thus, she led a group of women to the polls in Rochester, N.Y., to test the right of women to vote. She was arrested two weeks later, found guilty of violating the voting laws and was sentenced to pay a $100 fine. She refused to pay the resulting fine, and no attempt was made to force her to do so.”    

Women for Right to Vote










Men Oppose as a Woman looks on


Working for the War Effort





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    During World War II,  thousands of men left the United States to fight against world domination of Nazi Germany.   The women went to work in factories and served alongside the men as nurses and pilots.   My mother was one of these women working in a munitions factory to help the war effort.   Just as she did, women left their homes and careers to see that our men won the battles.   Without them, how would the war have been won?     

Women of the Future        

Even as I am writing this in Honor of Women, I see a blue jay outside my window holding in her mouth a long string.  She is going to use it to build a nest.   “Feathering the nest”  is the job of most women.  Prepare the food; cook the food; clean the house; care for the children, and in some cases milk the cow.    International women  do this all the time.   

It really does not matter if women are living in a rural area or is a modern women in a large city.  All have certain responsibilities that lay at their feet.  Children are taken care of throughout life and then abandon the mother or father who have given so much of their lives for their children.  Nursing homes are often a proof of this.     

For women who choose not to be mothers or wives, we honor their decision to make a career that is not only fulfilling, but inspirational to others in the world.   The talents they have are important to the world.    It is not necessary that a woman be timid.  She has strengths that her quiet demeanor may not show. 

The internet has brought the whole world together.  There is not much that modern society can keep as a secret to living any longer.  Whenever women take to the streets as they did for the vote, the world is going to know their cause.  Women’s issues and societal changes are discussed in all world publications.  The self-motivated woman has much to advise her in her living, but ultimately she must find within herself what makes her the woman she wants to be.   

The Woman of Faith 

Unfortunately when it comes to faith, it is often the woman who is left to guide the children or the family in seeking God.  Writers through the centuries have  praised the virtuous woman.

   “…a woman who fears the Lord,  she shall be praised : Proverbs 31  The Holy Bible       

  If you do not know all the women on the video, look for a list to appear later of their accomplishments under “COURAGEOUS WOMEN at the top of screen.

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