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Afghanistan Women Helped at Secret Shelters

Why does she hide her face? Her husband cut off her nose and ears

It is hard to imagine the abuse of many women in Afghanistan.  In case you missed it,  ABC News ran the following story.  It is worth a read, but hard to digest.     The story gives hope to a woman shown in the picture to the left thanks to our military doctors and medical teams.

“Maj. Jeff Lewis, an Air Force surgeon, told ABC News he was used to seeing war wounds, but Bebe’s injuries appalled him.

“It was barbaric and shocking to see this, that somebody had done this to this young girl… It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”

Abused Women in Afghanistan Helped at Secret Shelters – ABC News.

After reading this article, I invite you to listen to The Voice below.   For as the Holy Scriptures tells us,

   “Whatsoever is beautiful…of a good report…think on these things.”

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