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Take a look at the picture to the left.  Is this you?   All smiles while shining your pots and pans.  What world does she live in?  

 Now take a look at the picture below.   Does this give you the feeling you really have when you look at the mess that has accumulated throughout the years!  Well, maybe you are not feeling like an “old mop”.   However, it is a fact, we Americans are such “pack-rats” and we look at the same things year in and out!  The worse part is we keep adding to all the clutter and junk. 

It has been my decision this year to eliminate and get rid of so much that I never use.  I am not quite there…maybe 50%, but it is a start.  

Don’t tell me about spring cleaning….just help me decide what to do with all this stuff !” I say to my inner self.   So I have boiled it down to several categories: 

1. Category 1:   Is it important and something I would grab if there was a fire…or here in Florida, a hurricane?

2.  Category 2:  Could someone else use it because it is still good stuff?   

3. Category 3:   Would I find this in a yard sale for a dime…or just junk

Of course, I remind myself that someone else’s junk is someone ‘s treasure…why, I  am not certain.  Maybe they have an artist eye and see something I don’t see. 

The motto is:   If I haven’t used it in a year…get rid of it…unless it is a Category 1. 

So, I’m on a crusade that could spread throughout the world.  Would you like to join me?    This is the action plan: 


  • Take 3 large boxes or baskets
  • Sort into the three categories named above.
  • Don’t stop to think about it too hard….just sort.
  • When finished, take the final action.


  • Start with the box with all the things from Category 3.  Call a junk store and tell them to “COME GET IT!”    Don’t be tempted to go back in the box and pull anything out!
  • For Category 2, call Habitat for Humanity or a charitable organization for the good things that you have not touched in a year.   Again say, “COME AND GET IT”  and resist the above temptation.  If you are new to “donations”, don’t forget to ask for a donation slip with their signature…for your tax write -off at end of year.
  • Now, is the fun part.   Wait until all Category 3 and 2 have been taken away.  Look at all your treasures.  Dust them off.  Think about why they mean something to you and enjoy the moment.   Arrange them so they can be a part of your life; recalling the memories.


You will be so happy that your life has been de-cluttered.   I guarantee you there will also be joy in your soul.   You have helped others.  Your home is a much more pleasant place to be and God is smiling, along with you, in Heaven.  Remember, you are not going to take it with you….as much as you would like to.  

I would love to hear some stories if you are following through on De-Cluttering in your life.  Write me a comment.  

If you live in Lake County, Florida, and want to contact me personally for further help, I am happy to do so.   In fact, my new Boutique is consigning some of those Category 1  and 2 items, should you decide you really can part with it and want some extra pocket-money.      You can send me an email with your phone number:    boyerwrites@yahoo.com 

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