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I am dressed for church; dash in the door; sit in my usual place and somewhere between the reading of the Gospel and the Sermon, I look down.  My shoes, that are exactly alike, are not exactly alike.   One is black and one is brown.  (Something like the picture…although they are not mine.  I have women’s shoes.) 

    Now is not the time to feel vain, but a little embarrassed.   Sometimes I buy the exact shoe in more than one color because of the comfort.  The problem is that I put them on the same shelf in my closet.   Shoving my feet a little further under the kneeling bench, I thought there must be a lesson in this somewhere.  

  • Why do we try to do things in such a hurry that we don’t notice?   Is life somehow like two different color shoes?
  •   What about the problems we face in life?   Separately, it’s not too bad.  However, put together life’s events and they can sometimes be overwhelming…or just out of sync. 
  •   Why do we worry what people think about out lives?  After all, we are the ones who have to face each day.  

Sometimes we bring to people’s attention those things that  are out of whack.   Actually, they probably  never give a second thought to  what bothers or embarrasses us.

  I had an urge to say to everyone in the fellowship hour after church, “I really just could not see that well in my closet.  You know it is a little dark in there!”

   Maybe I would just skip fellowship brunch and go home quickly before anyone noticed.   What?….and miss seeing everyone and all that good food!

     Isn’t that the way we think when life is amiss?  W e want to hide or explain to everyone who knows us….when really they don’t care  about our black and brown issues.   They have their own “colorful” issues to worry about.   In the big picture, it really doesn’t matter.  The hungry are still suffering.  Wars are still being fought.   The universe is still going on and thankfully the sun is still shining. 

 Maybe there is a perspective lesson that we can find in black and brown.     Maybe there is something you and I  need to reconsider.  No reason to shove it under the pew.  Eventually, you will have to move out your feet where the world can see.

I would imagine that even the Queen had to find the right color shoes…or have them found for her….to wear to her great celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee.     No matter what our status is in life….in the smallest decisions,  mistakes can be made.  

   Remember, it doesn’t matter who you are or your circumstances.   Be glad you have feet on which to put shoes, whether black or brown.  God loves you just the way you are…and  life will go on with all its problems and joys.      Happy Monday!

 (Speaking of the Queen, enjoy below the wonderful music of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.  You’ll notice that the Queen’s shoes do match and that  even  Prince Charles had to  fix his hair.  Remember that old saying, “We all put on our pants one leg at a time.”)

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