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Flag of Israel

Israel became the only Jewish nation in the world in 1948.  During this time, the desert has truly “bloomed as a rose” and displaced people from around the world have come to build a new life

Israel is the home to three major religions….  but, sadly, neighbors to this tiny country have said that  Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth.   It is a threat that no peace-loving person would want to live under.  Yet, they have come….Jews from all over the world.

Throughout the centuries, the Jews have battled for their existence. During  World War II, millions who perished in the ovens and gas chambers would have only dreamed of a place to call home as the Israel we know today.  It is the land of the prophets; the land of the Holy Scriptures; the land that armies have tried to conquer throughout history.

When I took high school student ambassadors to Poland, I spent time with a young Jewish guide who wanted two things only: to learn to speak English better and to emigrate to Israel.   He took my Bible and eagerly read the English to improve what he already knew.

Even during the 90’s, people in his small town were persecuting the Jewish shop owners, which made the news here in the U.S.   Hearing this, I called the number he had given me.  His mother, who was the reason he had not left with his friends, answered the phone.  I knew no Polish; she knew no English.   However, we somehow managed to communicate. I was the “Americana” and he was in “Israel”.   So he finally had gotten his wish.  I hope he is still there today and finding the life that he always wanted. I also hope that he has read the Bible that I gave him. Perhaps he has found the suffering Jew that I know as my Saviour and his Messiah.

On this same trip, the students and I visited Auschwitz Concentration Camp.  With an arm-full of flowers, my Jewish student went to the wall where so many had been executed.  He laid the flowers there. I can still picture him with his Bermuda shorts and a suit jacket and tie. He was giving as much respect as any student could. Later, in Munich we found the apartment building together that the Israeli Olympic Team had lived in when they were raided by terrorist and murdered during the Olympics.   All of these events showed me how these Jewish young people felt no matter where they lived.

My husband and I flew into Israel some years ago.  It was an airline experience like none other.  Not only were we guarded by machine gun, but as the plane approached the landing, the Israeli National Anthem was played.  One could hear a pin drop and then a cheer.  We were welcomed as “pilgrims”, which we truly were.

Some of my most memorial photos were those at the Temple Mount.  A large group of school girls in red were arriving to enter the Mosque.  They smiled and posed; happy to be photographed.   An Israeli soldier took a picture with me as I entered the area of the Wailing Wall…a special place of prayer.   Perhaps one of the most moving places was the remembrance of the children murdered during the Holocaust.  We walked down a lane with monuments to the “Righteous”….Christians who had helped protect the Jews during this terrible period.  Inside the building were tiny lights in the ceiling, representing stars and the children.  Slowly, around the clock, the names of these little ones are read aloud.

Surely, these people deserve to come home.  Yes, there are problems.  Not everything is right and the struggle will continue.  It will be up to individuals to shoulder the burdens of understanding.   Prophets declare there will be a great battle here someday.  When is not known.   However, for today, the nation celebrates 62 years.  The slide presentation below is Boyer Writes tribute to an amazing country.     Happy Birthday, Israel.

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