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Blessed Are the Merciful

Florence, with her lamp, cares for the wounded

Florence Nightingale was known as the “woman with the lamp”.  This was because she refused to rest until she had personally walked by the beds of wounded men who were in her care at the army hospital.  Carrying her lamp, she cast her shadow over those poor souls who would have died had she not reformed the ways of caring for the wounded and those with terrible diseases.   She not only cast her shadow over these sick in the bed, but over  England , Crimea, and the world.  She was a woman ahead of her time with a mission sent from God.  She was told to find a husband and get married.  She was told that women had no place near the battlefield or tending to a male.   Even the highest military official went out of his way to stop her and to send her home.   She would not be stopped.   She would not give in to the norms of the day when there was a cause so great.   As the Queen of England  gave to her a pin to wear, bearing the insignia of “Bessed are the Merciful”, she went forth to open schools of nursing and bring the sick and dying hope.  Sometimes the odds are not good, but when God has His way, what seems like the end or when the doors seem shut…..it is just the beginning.   Thank you, Florence. Click Here

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