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Crab at Cedar Key

Every so often, my husband and I like to venture into a part of Florida known as Old Florida. It is entirely different from the commercial Disney World type  places that most people of the world think of.

 It is  quiet…a  laid-back part of country life that appeals to us. Often it is a place with large live oaks, palmetto bushes, winding trails and the country folk that are the down- to- earth backbone of our nation. Such a place we visited a few days ago.

Traveling through Ocala; on to Rosewood (the subject of another writing soon), and over the Gulf of Mexico is a non-changing little town of Cedar Key.

 Nothing is spectacular there. The buildings date back to earlier days and lean a little to the side. The newer places have not had the experience of a Florida Hurricane to give them the falling over appearance, but give them time!
If you are an adventure seeker, looking for the bright spots and excitement of a large city, you will not find it at Cedar Key. You will find nature, the wide blue waters of the Gulf lapping gently at the shore. The sunsets are pink and the country music fills the air from the local tavern. It is a place to bike or walk and to say, “howdy”.

The following slide presentation will give you a better understanding of this Old Florida town, if you have never been to Cedar Key. Don’t be in a hurry…they aren’t.           Click on the presentation below.

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