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Overcoming and Pressing On

Four Chaplains

Today is Memorial Day. My husband and I will attend a service for our fallen where he will be a guest speaker. Bill is a retired Navy Chaplain who never has really retired from sharing with others on this day the dedication of our service men and the story of the Four Chaplains who linked arms and went down to a watery death, after giving away their life jackets, on the USAT Dorchester in the North Atlantic during World War II.

As a wife, I am always proud of my husband’s service to his country. As a woman and mother who knows how difficult it is to raise a family to have values and goals that will make a difference, I dedicate this writing to one woman who beat the odds, met the challenges in her own career, and instilled in her family not only the desire to serve their country, but to honor our country with their life choices.

 I think you will find this video a joy to watch. Happy Memorial Day from Boyer Writes!  
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