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Asian Tranquility

12th century Celadon Vase

The three weeks that I spent in Japan as a Fulbright Scholar was an experience that I will not forget.  More recently, my husband and I returned to Japan where we found the beauty of nature and its preservation one of the most fascinating parts of Japan.  Quiet, calm gardens with running water; swimming fish, rocks and white stones raked into perfect form gave us a rest that is hard to find in this busy world.  It is my hope that in the day of hand-held, high-tech inventions, the artistry of Japan will be handed down to Japan’s  young people.  What a disaster if it should vanish with those who know how to make beauty out of bamboo, stone and craft to perfection. The same is true of other parts of Asia.

 The ancient art of celadon making in Korea; Jade designs in China; Lacquer artisans of Japan, and builders of the Tea Houses throughout the world. Below are videos showing these art forms. Learn and enjoy!

The making of Korean Celadon    Click here to see a video.  After viewing, return to view others below.

Making a Japanese Lacquer bowl    Click here

Hand making a Tea Room in Kyoto and bringing it to San Francisco.   Click to view.

Working of Chinese Jade   Click here

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