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Making Room

How often do we not have room in our hearts for others?   Is there a limit to what our hearts can give when it comes to love?  Where love makes room, there is enough space for everyone.   I used to wonder about the Holy Scriptures declaring that God had gone to make a place for us…and in “My Father’s House are many mansions…”    Of all the people who ever lived on earth, dead and alive…that’s a lot of rooms to prepare!   Yet God’s love  is unlimited.  He promised to make room for all who love His Son, Jesus….so there will be room enough. 

Recently a friend sent us some pictures that also demonstrated that there is room for those different…those frightened…and those alone.   Even in the animal world, there is the need to belong; to be cared for; to find company and kinship.  Look at the pictures taken by a rescuer of animals after a tornado hit Kansas.  One by one they came to her car.   It may have been a tight squeeze, but the sound of another heart beating, breath breathing, and soft fur was enough to give relief in a time of trouble. 

A tornado hits a house in Kansas

One by one the dogs and a cat enter rescuer's car

Not knowing one another, they found room!

As these animals had someone who cared,  our Saviour cares for us.  We are the voices, arms and legs He uses to care for our fellow humans.  Room in the heart is an important thing.  Give it a try today when some situation calls for you to make room for love..God’s love.

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