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A Tough Job Dealing with the Crooks and the Kooks


God bless the police.   They give so much and in many cases their lives.

Honor Guard for a fallen policeman




Police from around the world look at things in different ways.  They have duties that are often little appreciated.  We expect them to be there when we need them.  We expect this 24-7. What do they feel?   What is life like on the beat?  What makes them weep?   What makes them laugh?   What do they talk about?    That uniform with all the badges and that impressive weapon on the hip, do we really know these guys?  




 We salute not only our American policemen, but law enforcement around the world.  Wherever we travel,  we see the local police.  They sometimes seem and look different to us.

German Police

  While we were traveling to Israel, they stood guard over our jet.  Some are heavily armed, as this Israeli force, and some simply carry their sticks.  They mix with the neighborhoods; perhaps riding their horses, and walking the beat.  

 Wherever they are, they are out there everyday with all the kooks, trying to keep things running smoothly and safely  for the rest of us.  Oh, yes, they have some bad eggs who want to be overly rough.  Some years ago when I was teaching at a community college in the evenings,  the “police class”  was always the loudest and most rambunctious !   However, I’m glad it’s them, and not me, when they pull over a car that may have a gun poked in their faces  or ready to drag them down the street on the get  away.     





Police in Pakistan


  Here in the USA,   I see the policemen and the under-cover agents ( who are not so under-cover) having that cup of coffee and  sinfully sweet  donuts.  Those laughs I hear must be about the stupid public. They have to laugh to stay sane.    Here are a few stories they may be sharing.  

  • Marijuana Arrest           45 year old Amy Brasher was arrested in Texas after a mechanic reported to police that 18 packages of marijuana were packed in the engine compartment of the car which she had brought to the mechanic for an oil change.  According to the police, Brasher later said that she didn’t realize that the mechanic would have to raise the hood to change the oil. 


  • The Gasoline Thief        A man was attempting to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked in Seattle.  When the police arrived, they found that he had gotten much more than he bargained for.  They found him curled up next to the motor home where he had plugged his hose into the sewer tank by mistake.   Ugh!


  • Not So Bright Bank Robber       (As a teacher, I love this one.)   A man walked into the Bank of America and on the back of a deposit slip wrote, “ghis ix a stikkup. Put all your muny in a bag.”   While waiting for the teller to read the note, he worried that she may be calling the police.  He took his note and walked across the street to Wells Fargo.  After reading it, the teller thought maybe he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic…so she told him that because it was written on a Bank of America slip, that he would have to go back there to collect.  He left the bank; the teller called the police, and they found him at the Bank of America waiting patiently in  line.  

So thanks again to our policemen.  No one said that crooks were geniuses.  It’s a tough job, but we’re glad that sometimes you get a good laugh.  You may even have to share your donuts with some of those cute guys that you arrest!   

Police share donuts with arrested protester



Police in the UK


Police of the Victorian era


I am certain that the police  have seen it all.   Our tribute to the American police force and their canine units.  Get those bad guys and those not so bright!   We count on you!   

American Policeman and his K9




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