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War is Hell



 August 31, 2010, the President of the United States will speak on  the official ending of the Iraq war.    

   No matter what he has to say or what he will predict about Iraq’s future …or the continuing war in Afghanistan, he can not capture in  a speech the suffering that has taken place.    

  Starting  with the tears shed by those who lost loved ones on the USS Cole and in the towers on 9-11, the tears continue.   Each day families in Iraq lose loved ones . Every week our finest young men and women are brought home to a waiting honor guard.   Thousands are still in harm’s way.   

USS Cole attacked


 I have decided to share  some of the pictures that we have seen throughout the war.  It may  help us remember that this war, as are all others, is definitely a hell.    

Attack on America 9-11


  There is no way to speak to the grief that has been and will continue to be suffered.  We are free Americans because of the bravery of  soldiers throughout the world who fought in the World Wars.   That freedom is in jeopardy by those who would try to take it away; setting up their own brand of enslavement.   

  God’s blessings to a world that is trying to find its way.       







First Deployment



Statue Falls


Tender Caring


Family mourns


Mourning in America


The picture that was not suppose to be taken


The letter that means so much!


The pain continues




Army specialist Bryan Quinton is laid to rest.


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