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Jake goes Home



He was just a little puppy that loved to lay  his head across  a little girl’s tummy.    Then he was gone.   Where was Jake?   Maybe he was just playing in the woods.   Seven years passed and this little girl was growing  up, but never forgot her Jake.   Suddenly one morning, a  phone call came and a  lady said that Jake was in another state….far from home.  They had found the micro-chip that had been placed in Jake years before.     “Do you want to come get him?” she asked.

 One never knows what life will bring.   It may seem like the same day as yesterday and then a surprise will come out of the blue!     Nothing stays the same.   Just wait, even if it is years, and things will change when we least expect it.   Perhaps this is God’s way of saying,  “I did not forget your prayers.   I saw the hurt in your heart.  You are my child and I will not forget you. ”     

Click here to see how Jake was found
Click here for the reunion with the family.

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