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Educational Tour of Christianity in our Capitol Building

Founding Fathers of the United States of America


There is so much discussion today about whether the United States of America is a Christian nation.          

   When our Founding Fathers established this country through the Declaration of Independence and a bloody war with England, they were mostly deeply religious, Christian men.  Few know the details of these men. I am giving you this brief tour in hopes that someday you may  visit the beautiful Capitol building  and see the paintings, statues and artifacts that present  a different story from what we hear today about our nation and the Christian faith.      

Art in the Capitol


 One of the things that makes the United States of America a great nation has to do with  our tolerance for all religious faith.  It is not a state religion, but a freedom to choose one’s own religion.       

All across this country we have welcomed  immigrants from  every religious background who have brought with them their faith, built their churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques.  I think one can see that  the intent of our Founding Fathers was not to run from all religion and to make our country into a secular nation….as some would want today.  Faith was an important part of what they brought with them.        

 This video is a short tour given to citizens, like you and me, with some  responses to what they learned about the art on the Capitol walls, the first Bible printed in the USA, and the men who founded our country.      

   Click here to view.   

For a listing of all art work in the Capitol, go to this website:  http://www.aoc.gov/cc/art/index.cfm

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