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While we move around…riding…walking…even climbing….there are those who are confined.  They don’t know if this buried hell will end…whether they will find the way to the top… to breathe the fresh air; to see the sun once again; to hold loved ones in their arms.  Prayer is needed for all these men pictured here.  

The Miners of Chile

They range from teenager to men in their 60’s.    Their families wait on top of the earth; in prayer, in agony, but with hope. 

A Grandchild writes letters to her Grandpapa.

The danger has not passed until all have reached the surface.  Some are not in good health.  This has, for all, been a frightening experience…one that they will hopefully be able  tell their grandchildren for years to come.   

It is a real story of real people whose lives will never be the same.   What changes will they make?   Have they learned to pray?  Has their faith sustained them through this terrible ordeal?  Life will certainly have more meaning!

Hope is a beautiful word.  Life is has so much value, but never more so than when one thinks he may lose it!    How casually we spend our days…hours…minutes without a thought that it could be our last.    For most of us, the true  enjoyment of every minute is only when we truly dwell on it.  

Bibles for the trapped miners

Some on the surface understood the spiritual and physical conflicts that were happening in each of these men.  As shown here,  small Bibles were prepared for lowering into the long shaft.   There has been  time to reflect, to read, and to think of what means the most in life.

Now, as of today, the last drilling has broken through to the area where the men are buried. 

Night and day, the workers have continued to use every technical and mechanical help available to reach these men.  

The scene above the miners

Now, we…in the comfort of our homes…need to pray that all will go well with the rescue.   God be with them.   

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