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Nervous about “Going for it”?

The fragile egg

So often we are nervous when it comes to acting.

We anticipate what the outcome will be; unable to take the leap; frightened by the smallest situation. It is hard to trust.

It is easy to say that we have placed this action in the hand of God, but there is still the hesitation. I bet you have been there and may be  sitting in this situation now.

We are also told not to put our “eggs in one basket”.  This may be true, but what if there is just one  egg…and it has to be decided if we crack it or not?

I love the video that I am going to show you. It will bring back many memories of late night TV.

 Take the drama at hand. Analyze it and see if you can count how many hesitations there are. The tension in the air is palatable.

 When we sit on the fence, we not only increase our own doubts and blood  pressure but also increase the dread  in those around us. Is it not true?  I even found myself wanting to say out loud to the video…”Just get on with it!”

God knows the outcome. Maybe the action will not be perfect.  We may have to clean up the mess and get another egg to act upon. 

 Try not stringing out the call to action. Sitting on the fence has always been painful. Go for it….and laugh a little.    

     CLICK HERE  for a great video that proves the point.

(For best viewing …turn on sound and enlarge screen.)


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