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Dare We Complain?

Throughout the earth, there are tragedies.  We read about them in the news for a brief period.   Some time ago,  it was Haiti and people responded with prayers, donations, and people from around the world flew in to help.  Many still labor among the ruins where cholera is now a terrible danger.

Even at this moment, the scores of people who suffered all through last night only made a brief acknowledgment in the press.   The elections are much more important than what is happening in Indonesia…so it seems.   Should we not be focused on name calling and not human suffering?   Take a look at some priorities.

Consider this:     A call for HELP!

MENTAWAI ISLANDS, Indonesia — Hospitals in Indonesia are struggling to cope with scores of injured survivors of a devastating tsunami, including a newly orphaned two-month-old baby found in a storm drain.

As the death toll rose to more than 400 — with in excess of 300 still missing — hospital staff appealed for doctors and medical help.

Take a good look at this baby. 

Found in drainage ditch

After a disaster, I cringe when I  hear anyone say,  “God must have been with me!”   It is my belief that God was also with those who died that day. I would like to think, that in their pain and struggle for a last breath, that He was there… comforting and soothing them with Him presence.  

 However, with such odds , this tiny baby  found alive in a drainage ditch, must mean that he has a chance to live a life that can be extraordinary.  I pray for parents to adopt this tiny orphan to help make this happen.

Missionary doctors and volunteers can be kept busy seven days a week-24 hours a day helping with the suffering in the world.   We, who slept in our warm beds, ate our good breakfast, and woke to a beautiful new sunrise….DARE NOT COMPLAIN.

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