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Down-Sizing! The Challenge

Maybe clean out the garage?!!

Americans are collectors…well not in the art sense…but collectors over the years. Looking around your home, you may have a sense of where did all this come from?!!   Open a cabinet drawer…”Wow, I haven’t seen this in years!”  (By the way, this picture of the garage is NOT MINE.   My husband has been working hard to organize things.  Thanks, Bill. )

 Maybe it is time to down-size.

Why do we need to give away much of what we don’t need?   There are some people  who are taking things from their homes to sell…not buy.  It is the hard times and unemployment.  Recently, my priest told our congregation that there are more people signing up for Thanksgiving meal help more  than ever before.

  So why keep all those things hanging in your closet?

The rule of thumb is: IF YOU HAVEN’T USED OR WORN IT IN A YEAR, GIVE IT AWAY.   Someone else might need that coat or sweater. Think about it.

Do children need all this!!

We hear of people who hoard. We are NOT addressing this difficult psychological issue. It is just plain having tooooooooooo much!


I think older people have it especially hard to let go. They remember the days of The Great Depression. There is always the feeling, “I might need this someday.”  It was a difficult time that this older generation understands well.   The baby boomers that came after them, worked hard, accumulated much…and wanted their children to have everything that they have.  In doing so, we may not have instilled in our children (the grand-children of the depression era) that it takes time to have these things.   You mean that the credit card doesn’t give instant everything?   Maybe, just maybe, the lesson was not learned by those now in their 30’s and 40’s that credit cards are not money.  It is a debt that is hard to pay off.   Some will never climb out of that hole.

Mother with children in Great Depression 1936


Back to the clutter problem.   We have to ask ourselves in 2010, even with a sagging economy, will we really need an old box that something came in…or more jewelry than we can count?

 I was told that when we go on trips that we should pack our bag and then take 1/2 of it out. Maybe the same principle is true when looking around our house. Could we do with only 1/2 of what we see? If so, pack it up…say a prayer that someone in need will get it…and call your local charity to pick it up. They will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Pack it up and CLEAN IT OUT

De-cluttering tips

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