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A Princess….or an Ice Cream?

To be a Princess...or a Queen!

Our five-year old twin granddaughters are always talking about being a “Princess”!    Disney has had a lot to do with that!   Wouldn’t life be wonderful?  Every girl wants to be a princess.   But what would life be like…especially if the princess would one day be Queen?

  Let’s take a look:

  • Queen Elizabeth had at least 400 official engagements in one year.  This is more than one a day.  At her age of 84, this may be a little taxing.  However, when she was a young princess, she took an oath as she became Queen that she would do her duties to her country, which she has stayed true to all these years.
  •  A princess…or the Queen…is judged on everything she says, wears or does.  Even her expressions will be photographed and scrutinized.
  • The press will not leave her alone day or night.
  • She, as royalty ,should be above the political realm, so she should not express any political views or private opinions in public.
  • Even in her private life, she runs the risk of being quoted or sold out by servants or those in the royal household.   Book deals are high-paying.
  • She has an income, but it is expected to be frugal…even if it is her own money. Of course, nothing is frugal in a royal court.
  • She is expected to have children, especially a male, to carry on the royal line even if it is not her fault should she be unable to have a family.
  • The pressures of being at  all engagements as opening of schools, centers, or hospitals even if she is not up to it…will be not only tiring, but drudgery.
  • She must be friendly, shake thousands …if not millions, of hands in her life time. 
  • Her personal security guards will go everywhere she goes. Nothing will be private outside four walls.    
  • Loneliness is certain to be a problem in the midst of a crowd…unless she can find something or someone she really enjoys.  She will have to build her own happiness which is not always easy. 
  • There, of course, is the long legacy within the royal palace of unfaithfulness of the royals.  One only has to look no farther than a close relative or the large picture of Henry VIII on palace walls.  Lucky for her she lives in the 20th century…or off with your head!
  • Rarely will she be praised for doing anything right.  Finding a worthy cause that is truly her own will be a challenge. 

Is this enough things to wish away the “I’d like to be a princess” thought?

So all the hype that is coming out of England and the beautiful pictures of a handsome Prince and a beautiful Commoner, may be much of a fairy tale as compared to reality. 

Little girls, dreams are not always what they seem to be.   Enjoy your life and the privacy that you can have.  If you want to walk to the corner soda fountain for an ice cream or a milk shake, you will be a happy girl if no one follows you or shoves a camera in your face.   It will be good to just be yourself; not to worry about hair or make-up… a pair of jeans with a hole in them will be just fine. 

 Make mine chocolate.

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