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Handel’s Messiah

George Fredric Handel

The music of Handel is some of the greatest music of our times. It took him only 24 days to compose the works that we know today as Handel’s Messiah. He began the work on September 1741. Handel died in 1759. Of German birth, Handel spent most of his years in Italy where he wrote operas. He wrote over 40 operas and soon became one of the most popular and successful composers ever.

A beloved part of the Messiah is “LIft Up Your Heads”.    As we lift up our heads, we do so because He has made life one for optimism, not doubt.  We also lift up our heads because we are looking for the return of out Lord Jesus Christ, who promised that we would one day see Him coming in glory.

Turn up your sound and view this performance of Handel’s great work on this Advent Moments.

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