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Christmas…Run Amok!

If during Advent series, you became a little bored with church services and sacred music, this Boyer Writes is just for you!!!

I am going to give Kevin, the video narrator,  credit for saying what I have wanted to say for a long time.  There is great confusion in the world about what Christmas is all about! There is a mixture of what is supposed to be sacred and what is trying to be commercial.

As Christians, we are to be in the world, but not part of the world.   There is much to enjoy about holiday traditions.  Much of it is light-hearted  and we cater to the fun we have with family and especially  children.  No matter how Christmas  is celebrated around the world, it is mostly not religious unless we make a conscious effort to keep Christ in Christmas.

Kevin , the young man you will meet, was in Japan at Christmas.  He missed Christmas ( or Hanukkah) at  home in New York with his family.    Through his video camera, we are given an excellent worldly view of what Christmas is like in Japan (and I am sure other places).  I think you will agree that in this case Christmas has run amok!!

(Wait until you have time to view this video.  Get a cup of egg nog, a Christmas cookie, or a pot of coffee for it is a long one…but  worth watching.   When you are finished, I think you will run for Handel’s Messiah. Thanks, Kevin.   Hope this year’s Christmas was better. )

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