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Uplifting and Delightful

It occurred to me recently how important it is for our mental health to watch and to listen to things that are uplifting, delightful or inspiring.    We can become bogged down in the media overload that gives our minds and hearts a feeling of depression, hopelessness, and regret… amidst world calamity.  Not that this is unimportant, for it is…especially to those who are living through oppression and difficulties.   None the less, life needs a balance.

While driving in my car, I turned to a station that was going over the  world events. Facts quickly turned to opinion  with predicting and arguing about what could be…might be…or should be.      I quickly decided  to turn to my favorite classical music channel.

The mind needs a rest. The soul needs uplifting.  We need to make choices.   After all, it is our life…our outlook and our minds.  It is also our one more day, given by God,  to spend it as we think right and appropriate.    We do have a choice.

I remember on our trip to Switzerland that we visited a distinguished gentleman, with impressive ancestral background  and financial means, who is in his seventies. Retired now, he grows his roses and  hikes  through the mountains daily with his friends. He told us that he never reads papers or listens to TV.  In this day of the internet and a TV in many parts of the house, this seems like an impossibility.   However, this was a choice that he made for himself. I was definitely not  certain that it was the way for me, but I certainly admired him.  He had taken control of his life by deciding how he was going to live it.  In fact, his statement was so  thought-provoking that I remember it after all these years.

Therefore, for all my readers, I have made a choice.  When you see Boyer Writes has a new post, you can be assured that it will be something to enjoy.  It may have a surprise here and there, but in all you can expect a stimulating story, an inspirational moment, or some wonderful music to begin or end your day.     This is my new resolution for 2011.

Now, I give you what I heard on the radio when I switched from all the commotion :   The 9th  Symphony, 2nd movement Largo, by Dvorak  …with  pictures from Hubble of our wonderful universe      After viewing this video, I wondered  if God must not weep as He looks on our world amidst His creation.   He has promised that one day the heavens will open and  He will come to redeem this lost and weary world.   This is our HOPE, PROMISE, and INSPIRATION.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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