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Amazing Clean Up and the Japanese Work Ethic

It seems that a day does not go by that the world is informed of another disaster.  It may be a natural phenomenon of nature, a crash of a helicopter or the starving people of Africa.  We are horrified by the sufferings of people and the lives that are lost.  Often the news fades away into the files of what has happened to what is now happening. This was true of Haiti;   Katrina and of Japan.  How do these people cope with the worst of the worst in their lives?

My two trips to Japan introduced me to people who care deeply about the smallest details.  One will not see junk cars sitting around or trash laying in the yards.   What people do when a disaster hits to put life back into order says a great deal about the character and values of the people.  Things may have gone wrong;  the government who was supposed to protect may have been at fault; or nature brought a not expected problem.  Whatever it may have been, the Japanese people want to let the world know that all is not lost.  They are expecting to build back a future just as they did, with much help, after WWII.

The following pictures show a before and after to Japan’s  great loss.  These are shown toward the end of the picture list, so study them carefully.  You will  stand in awe at all that has been accomplished in such a short time.    We can only say, “Well done, Japanese people. Your desire to work so quickly is amazing!”    It may be years in knowing the full extent of what happened in this small , but great country.  Nevertheless, we can be certain that the clean up shown in these pictures speaks volumes.

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Japanese Clean Up

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