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“Reckless” loyalty

There is nothing like the wonder of God’s animals.  Some are beautiful…gentle…and loyal in every way.   It is said that we should love like our animals love us.  Our dog, Gracie, only wants to be in the same room with us.  Where we go, she will follow.   Perhaps this says something to what our love for God should be.

Some of us have a relationship with a few animals in our life time.  Others have never had an animal that they can remember as being their very own.  We love them; feed them, care for them and sometimes they die because  animals live shorter lives. We bury them in special places so we can remember that we had them as part of our lives.   Two of our Golden Retrievers are in those special places.  We worry when our animals have to be left at the animal hospitals because we don’t want them to be afraid or lonely. We wait eagerly to see what is making them sick.  (As we continue to do today.)   We think of the eyes that look lovingly into ours and the ears that perk up when we call their names.   They are amazing creatures.

During 9-11 recovery,  dogs worked tirelessly with the first responders.   Throughout the wars, there have been animals that served as faithfully as any soldier.  How many of you know the name Reckless?   If you are a Marine, you may.  This is an animal whose name has been lost in history.  Yet, if you visit Camp Pendleton, you will find a memorial to Sgt. Reckless and her bravery.  Reckless  was a little Mongolian sorrel purchased by an American Lieutenant for $250, and she proved her worth many times over during the Korean War. LIFE Magazine included her in a write-up as one of  the top heroes of all time.  

Thank you, God, for your creation and the animals that make life a thing of beauty.   Most of all, thanks for the lessons of life that we learn from them.

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