N.W.BOYER…Christian Author… Looking for the Coming of Christ

The Land that God has Blessed

On the eve of 9-11, 2011, I reached back in the archives of Boyer Writes and found a video that I had used to honor our beautiful Bald Eagle.  The song that went with this seemed so appropriate to remember those who would die  within the  year after this video was made.

Little did those on the ball field and in the bleachers know what was coming to our nation as they marveled over this wonderful bird.   The eagle’s  handlers did not know that this magnificent creature would also become a symbol, in an even  more heart-felt way,  to the America that we love and cherish.

Freedom is not free”.  It was paid for by all those who  willingly took up arms and fought for her.  It was paid for by those who simply went to work; to do their everyday job the best they could, never to return home.  They too represent FREEDOM  at its best.    What the men who flew the planes into the towers, the pentagon, and a  field in Pennsylvania did not understand  is that the American people always put their independence and freedom first, regardless of the enemy or the cost.   It is the foundation this nation was built upon.    Freedom  will not be taken from us because we, the American people, will not allow that to happen.   We truly can say with the song writer that we are a land …”that God has blessed.”    We are also humbled by this thought.

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