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The year that I went to teach in Ukraine, the presidential candidate   had just been poisoned and things were rough for this country that had split from the former Soviet Union.  Nevertheless, I found Ukraine  to be filled with wonderful music; a love for opera, and churches of the Russian Orthodox Christian faith were breath-taking.

I was eager to visit the music school that Anna had attended in Kiev.   You will hear her sing on the slide presentation below.  Anna arranged for me to meet her friend and we  attended  an opera at the Kiev Opera House.  It truly was more than an experience!   Kiev breathes music.

During really hard times, the people of Ukraine had to bond together.  There was not always enough food for people and their animals.  A woman sat on the sidewalk, with a donation cup, to buy food for  the many dogs that were without  homes.   Many were beautiful dogs that almost had show quality.

Orphanages, both state and private, were filled with children that had been the victims of alcoholic parents.   I also found this to be true in Mongolia when I taught there.   The beverage that is thought to relieve  pain … only brings more  pain for all those involved.

Today, I thought that I would like to share with you the beautiful people that I met in Ukraine.   Many still write me emails.   It was truly a privilege to meet them and to be their friend.   Most of all, enjoy the angelic voice of Anna shown on the video picture below.  (Turn up your sound…you are in for a treat.)

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