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Forrest Gump and PEAS AND CARROTS

It takes a long time to develop a relationship….sometimes years.   We  live the ups and downs of the person  we care about.  There is a special union that only we know…or the other person knows.  Sometimes we don’t even know why there is that special connection.  We only know that there is.  It may be like “Peas and Carrots” as the line says in the movie, Forrest Gump.

Just as in this film, the person we love sometimes leaves and has a rough go of it.  The decisions made may even  cost a life; ruin a life or shorten a life.   Sickness and sadness may follow. We can do nothing about it, but to always care and to  love.

Life is strange this way.  That special bond, whether that of a father to a son or daughter; a mother to a child, a lover to a lover may seem to be broken, but life has a way of changing what we know today.   It may not be the same tomorrow.

Releasing the bird that we want to hold so close is the only way to ever have it come back.  That decision is not always easy.  We want to feel the feathers in the hand…to touch the heat of its body and yet there is the tug to get away and to be free.  We have to release it. 

The peas may be separated from the carrots, but they will always have a way of naturally going together.  Maybe they will go in the same dish…or maybe they won’t.  Regardless, while they were together, they were good.

In Forrest Gump, Jenny, as a child, never wanted  to go home.  Forrest did not understand why this was…but she knew.  Years later, she picked up the rocks to throw at the house representing  the person who had caused her so much misery and pain.  That abuse had sent her into a life of searching and into drugs and bad relationships.   As she hurled the rocks at her house of memories, the famous line is spoken:   “Sometimes there is just not enough rocks!”    When life hurts, we want to lash back and in despair and in hope…see what it has done to us.   Life will go on.   We have to give it a chance to correct itself.

Whatever the ending, there will always be some things and some people who brought beauty into our lives.   We have to remember those times.  They are the “peas and carrots” that have been a part of who we are.  Don’t try to separate them or understand them…just take them for what they are.

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